Spectrum Art Show for RAW Boulder

April 23rd I will be showing at the absinthe house in Boulder, CO.


$15 pre sale either cash to me or online with a credit card ( http://www.rawartists.org/invictus). $20 day of show at the door. Either way please let them know youre there to see Invictus!

The show will feature new masks and paintings from me as well as some other awesome local artists, bands, and aerialistic dancers! Oh and cake sculpture!!!!!!!

This is one you don’t want to miss!!!!


The Street Demon Mask Is Here!!!!!

The very first Invictus silicone mask is here! This mask is the first in the mask line and is 100%  hand-made with only products made in the USA from the company SMOOTH ON. It is cast in dragon skin fx a platinum silicone that feels and reacts like real flesh! It is then airbrushed and had painted with silicone to ensure the color will never fade. This mask is available with horns or without. Price ranges from $175 without horns and $200 with horns! Email nick@invictusart.biz with any inquiries. **NOTE** Mask is pictured with horn cavities and paint scheme could differ because of it being hand painted, aslo when purchased with out horns there are no horn cavities***

DSC_0818 copy DSC_0820 copy DSC_0821 copy DSC_0822 copy DSC_0823 copy

Denver Zombie Crawl Is Nigh!

Only about a month and a half away and Denver will become the annual ground zero of the zombie apocalypse. As usual I will be doing makeup for the event all day (Location TBA). However if you are wanting to do your own makeup I might have something for you. Coming soon is my first ever zombie prosthetic kit! This kit will include silicone prosthetics, unmixed silicone, instructions/tips, and a video tutorial on how to do a zombie makeup from start to finish! If you are interested in picking up the kit or just some of the prosthetics only please email me at nick@invictusart.biz . Or as always come see me and I will be glad to apply your zombie makeup or if you need a halloween makeup contact me soon to reserve a spot.

Zombie Crawl Makeup

Zombie MakeupZombie Crawl Makeup

Zombie Crawl Makeup

Blood! Your Precious Blood!! Count Orlok Is A Nosferatu!!!

My latest 7 inch Munny is inspired by the 1922 horror film “Nosferatu” and is named after the character Graf/Count Orlok. It will be on display this Friday June 7th at Lowbrow Denver ( http://www.lowbrowdenver.com/ ) for their birthday party toy show! The show starts at 7pm and goes until 10pm and features custom toys made by local artists  Mel Crooks, Ted Nugent, Invictus, R-M Wright, b.shigglesworth, TJ RAYGUN, Marc Huebert, Zach Burk, Pandora on the Hill, Enrique Lazaro, Haley McMahon, Chase Martines, Ben Vigil, Bergerbot, Justin Maes, Rob ‘The Gropes’ Roybal, Erin Black, Becky Wareing-Steele, Bobby Nathan and Denver Craft Ninjas! Come hang out for the opening reception on Friday, June 7th from 7 – 10pm. Free beer, wine, and probably party hats too! Pieces will be on display for the entire month of June. You can purchase this one for $300.


Oh No Tears Please! The Cenobot Blind Box Series is SOLD OUT!

The “Cenobots” were summoned and have now gone back to the labyrinth. In an amazing turn of events the series has completely sold out! However the artists in the series are available for commission! Please email me at nick@invictusart.biz for info on getting a commission piece from any of the artists in the series! Also the Cenobots will return in the future with new faces, new line of artists, and new forms of suffering! From myself and the entire group of artists, Thank you for your support of the series! As well as your future support of our art!


Cenobot Series Recieves A “Face Lift”

I just finished up my last bot for the Cenobot Blind Box series I am putting out with some friends of mine! “Face Lift” was inspired by Uncle Frank in the first Hellraiser film created by one of the best horror authors  Mr. Clive Barker. Why Uncle Frank, simply because he still to this day is the what scares my younger brother the most from that film. This bot was sculpted with Super Sculpey and painted with acrylics. The series drops on April 20th, 2013. Also pictured is the first bot I did for the series “See No Evil”.topangleFace Lift








Update from the Labyrinth! CENOBOTS Blind Box Series is ready for April 20th drop!!




After a couple months of organizing and sculpting sessions me and some of my friends from across the world are proud to announce the Cenobot series! These toys were all inspired by the Hellraiser franchise originally created by Clive Barker. In addition to these toys there are 3 more toys on their way also some freebies that will be thrown in if you purchase multiple. Note this is a blind box so you cannot pick which one you recieve it is at random. The toys will be available through my Etsy store on April 20th! I will have a link posted here directly to it as well as on FB and every artist in the series will be provided with the link. Here is a link to the entire store in the meantime if you want to see what else is up for sale on it.


cenobots flyer


my second cenobot for the series WIP

my second cenobot for the series WIP



Commandante WIP





“See No Evil” from the upcoming Cenobite Blind Box Series!

My latest custom is for an upcoming bot blind box series that I am putting out inspired by the very talented Clive Barker and his Hellraiser franchise. All of the toys in the series are created on 3 inch bots there will be around 15 or 20 bots total in the series. Hoping to deliver the series on April 20th, 2013. This bot was sculpted with Super Sculpey, and thin armature wire for the hooks, painted with acrylics. Hope you enjoy it!