The Street Demon Mask Is Here!!!!!

The very first Invictus silicone mask is here! This mask is the first in the mask line and is 100%  hand-made with only products made in the USA from the company SMOOTH ON. It is cast in dragon skin fx a platinum silicone that feels and reacts like real flesh! It is then airbrushed and had painted with silicone to ensure the color will never fade. This mask is available with horns or without. Price ranges from $175 without horns and $200 with horns! Email with any inquiries. **NOTE** Mask is pictured with horn cavities and paint scheme could differ because of it being hand painted, aslo when purchased with out horns there are no horn cavities***

DSC_0818 copy DSC_0820 copy DSC_0821 copy DSC_0822 copy DSC_0823 copy