Blood! Your Precious Blood!! Count Orlok Is A Nosferatu!!!

My latest 7 inch Munny is inspired by the 1922 horror film “Nosferatu” and is named after the character Graf/Count Orlok. It will be on display this Friday June 7th at Lowbrow Denver ( ) for their birthday party toy show! The show starts at 7pm and goes until 10pm and features custom toys made by local artists  Mel Crooks, Ted Nugent, Invictus, R-M Wright, b.shigglesworth, TJ RAYGUN, Marc Huebert, Zach Burk, Pandora on the Hill, Enrique Lazaro, Haley McMahon, Chase Martines, Ben Vigil, Bergerbot, Justin Maes, Rob ‘The Gropes’ Roybal, Erin Black, Becky Wareing-Steele, Bobby Nathan and Denver Craft Ninjas! Come hang out for the opening reception on Friday, June 7th from 7 – 10pm. Free beer, wine, and probably party hats too! Pieces will be on display for the entire month of June. You can purchase this one for $300.