Review of “Warm Bodies”

I was asked to write this after seeing the advanced screening of the new zombie comedy romance movie “Warm Bodies” which hit theaters February 1st in the United States. I came into this film very skeptical! I saw a few trailers and thought to myself why did this ever get made, dumbest idea ever! BUT I was horribly mistaken by thinking this! The film as a whole was very enjoyable, covered all the bases: flesh-eating zombies, rotting flesh, gore, brains, hilarious comedy, and love. The best part for me not to give anything away is finally a zombie film dealing with zombies eating brains and an explanation! This all being said I did find some things that were not the best mostly the makeup! I understand that the artist had to make it so that the zombies could change back to the living but zombies with scars rather than wounds makes no sense on any level! Dead bodies do not produce the cells to do that! The vein work I felt was done very well, the shadowing on the eyes to help them appear sunken was only eye shadow and most the time appeared as a beauty makeup. However one thing that was awesome is again the veins as the zombies became human the veins ever so slightly would fade as time passed. The newish form of zombies “Boneys” were weak too much like the vampires in “I Am Legend”, could have been better. Also I don’t like zombies that can run, realistically not possible even if zombies were possible in real life. All this being said I highly suggest that zombie fans see this new vision on the genre. And as a bonus it’s a zombie movie your girl will like. “Warm Bodies” hit theaters near you February 1st give it a chance I personally will see it again!


-Nick “Invictus” Saylor