Invictus X Comserv Sculpt And Stickers!!!!

Slowly getting the site updated between the news and gallery have quite a bit to do! That being said, here is my latest collaboration. I took Community Services logo and put my own spin on it by sculpting it and incorporating a skull into it, also by changing it from black and white to red white and black. The sculpt is Super Sculpey on canvas board, Aerosal acrylic, acrylic, and airbrush. Stickers available $1 each email to order. Hope ya dig it!


Invictus X Comserv




Also this Friday is Community Service’s two year anniversary party! They’ve been having a roug time lately this would be a great event to attend if you can’t make it in person please check out their site and Facebook if you see something you are wanting give them a call or shoot them an email!



RSVP Here:!/events/321424471306070/